The Highest Paying Daily Side Hustles, According To Data For Top Freelancer Platform

Side hustling has emerged as a popular choice for millions of people all over the world.

Whether it's to supplement income, pursue a passion, or test the waters of entrepreneurship, turning free time into productive, income-generating hours is on the rise.

So as more people consider a side hustle, the researchers from NetCredit decided to create the perfect resource for ways to make as much money as possible. Based on thousands of job listings from the freelance website Fiverr, it breaks down all the highest paying daily side hustles by country.

Here's a look at the results.

The highest-paying side hustles around the world

Website design is the most popular high-paying daily side hustle around the world. It came out on top in over a dozen countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, and Malaysia.

Mobile app development is next. In terms of pay, it's the number one daily side hustle in over six countries. They include Ukraine and Australia, where side hustlers with the skills to develop a killer app can earn over $400 a day. Nice.

Bangladesh has one of the more unique daily side hustles; it's life coaching. In Bangladesh, advising others on how to get their life together is worth $100 a day.

Side hustling in the USA

Almost 50% of all working-age Americans have a side hustle. And for many, this second income is the only way they can cover their monthly bills and other basic needs.

But how many hours they need to side hustle depends on their skill set. The NetCredit study reveals that in-demand side hustle skills like marketing, design, and digital development can bring in over $150 a day.
Of those, knowing how to develop a company's marketing strategy is the best-paying side hustle. It pays $178 for a day's work.

Other side hustles worth $100 a day include app design, creating pitch decks for startups, and 3D model creation.

High-paying side hustles for freelance writers

Freelance writers are always on the lookout for side hustles.

The industry was super-competitive to begin with, but now these professional scribes have ChatGPT and other AI content creation programs stealing their work. It's one of the reasons why day rates for basic content creation have plummeted. According to the dynamics of the freelance market, human web content writers are now worth less than $70 per day.

But there's still some decent money to be made producing unique content for unique individuals. Crafting and editing a LinkedIn profile to help professionals land their dream job pays $110 per day; that's the highest paying daily side hustle for writers.

Writing press releases, developing brand tone, and ghostwriting are the next three best paying daily side hustle gigs for writers. They pay between $91-$97 per day.

Designers are in-demand

Design emerges as the best-paying industry for side hustlers working for day rates.

Almost every side hustle in the study pays over $100 daily. The only one falling short of the $100 day rate is catalog design. Even then, with a day rate of $99.80, you could probably negotiate a three-figure deal pretty easily.

Presentation design offers the best rate of all the highest paying daily side hustles for designers ($163), followed by website design ($162) and 3D industrial design ($142).

AI-inspired daily side hustlers

Advocates for the rise of AI reassure the rest of humanity that these smart machines will create more jobs than they destroy.

And there are signs that it's already happening. The adoption of AI technology has led to new roles for those who know how to get the best out of this new, super-innovative technology.

AI experts are now side-hustling in AI content editing, fact-checking, and crafting the perfect prompts for Chat GPT.

The daily side hustlers earning the most with AI are those who can design and edit AI spokesperson videos ($131 per day). An AI spokesperson video features a digital or virtual character created using artificial intelligence that delivers a scripted message or presentation. These characters can be entirely computer-generated or based on real people, with their appearance and voice synthesized by AI technologies.

Making money as a side-hustling marketing expert

Since the Covid-19 shutdown, digital adoption has continued to skyrocket. Every business now needs a strong online presence to attract customers and build a loyal brand following.

This sea change has put a huge demand on marketers, especially those with a digital background. Marketers with the right skills can now earn over $100 a day while side-hustling on mobile app marketing projects and social media marketing management.

Business side hustles

Pitch decks are an essential part of a young company's future growth plans.

Pitch decks are visually engaging presentations used by startups and entrepreneurs to communicate their business models, products, services, and financial projections to potential investors, partners, or clients. They're a crucial tool in securing funding and support. A well-crafted pitch deck can make a significant impact on the audience's understanding and interest, effectively opening doors to new opportunities and growth.

So it's no surprise that knowing how to design pitch decks that persuade is the highest paying daily side hustle.

Still, it's not as high as you might think. Given that a pitch deck can secure millions of dollars in investment, then a freelancer who can help make that happen should be worth more than $104 a day, right?

Highest-paying daily side hustles in data science

The average salary for a data scientist is well into the six figures. And with starting salaries in the $70,000 - $90,000 range, you won't find many data scientists side hustling on their days off.

Instead, data side hustles are great gigs for tech-savvy students, freelancers, and graduates looking to get some experience on their CVs.

Data analysis and machine learning are among the best paying daily side hustles.

But the real money is in creating or managing data dashboards.

A data dashboard visually tracks, analyzes, and displays key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, and data points to monitor the health, performance, or efficiency of a business process, project, or system.

Dashboards are essential to running a cost-effective, streamlined, data-led operation, which is why companies are willing to pay side hustlers $120 to build one.

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