Earning Customer Trust, One Review At A Time: The Us Companies With The Most 5-star Reviews On Trustpilot

When building a brand that customers keep coming back to, there's nothing more important than trust. It's the biggest factor in retaining and growing a customer base.

Every company will say you can trust them. But how can we actually trust them?

Well, we can find out what the rest of their customers have to say. And the best resource for researching company trust is the review site Trustpilot.

And so with more and more people turning to the review site before making a final purchasing decision, the team at OnDeck decided to find the most trusted US companies according to Trustpilot reviews.

Ondeck researched thousands (and thousands) of US company Trustpilot profiles, then ranked them all based on the percentage of 5-star reviews.

Let's see which companies came out on top.

The most trusted companies in America

The title of America's most trusted company goes to a small legal firm operating out of Nevada. It's called Nevada Corporate Headquarters (NCH), and it scored a hugely impressive 97.43% on the five-star Trustpilot rating scale.

Another legal group took the second spot. The Cordoba Legal Group, which practises contract law and litigation in Florida, prides itself on offering an honest and transparent service to every customer. And according to its Trustpilot reviews, this law practice is practising what it preaches; over 97% of all its Trustpilot reviews hit the five-star mark.

The rest of the top 20 includes several companies reshaping what Americans think about some industries that have become infamous for their shady practices. For example, two insurance brokers, Surety Bond and American Collectors Insurance, scored well over 90% in this study.

Credit Sage, a debt advice and counselling service, is also doing an excellent job of helping, rather than exploiting, its customers. More than 9 out of 10 of their customers took the time to leave a five-star review on Trustpilot.

The most trusted company in every US state, according to Trustpilot reviews

The next part of the study broke down the data by location, then created a map of the USA showing the most trusted company in every one of the country's 50 states.

People love their pets, and they'll only hand them over to people they trust. That's the ethos behind US Service Animals, which is the state of Louisiana's most trusted company. It provides care and advice for owners of service dogs and emotional support dogs. And almost every single customer couldn't be happier with the service; 97% of this company's Trustpilot reviews are 5-star.

Precision Tax Relief became Idaho's most trusted company by simplifying the complex (and very time-consuming) process of helping customers get their taxes in order. This tax consulting firm is another company with a 97% five-star rating.

Moving house is super stressful, and finding the right movers is just one of many problems that need solving. Those that can get the job done reliably, safely, and on time will always build a loyal and trusting customer base. One company doing that better than anyone else is Seka Moving. It provides moving/storage services to people and businesses in New York. And with almost 98% of its reviews getting the maximum score, it's also the state of New York's most trusted company.

The USA's most trusted company in tech

There are no big-name tech firms anywhere near the top 20 list of the most trusted tech firms in the USA. Instead, the list is full of small, independent firms who treat their customers like individuals.

Leading the way is Vision Computer Inc, with an almost perfect score of 98.35%. Vision Computer Inc is a full-service retailer selling desktop and laptop computers, accessories, and hard drives out of Georgia. It also offers access to 24/7 friendly and patient tech support through its managed services. This includes having a 'real' human tech support ready to pick up the phone when you call. And it's one of the reasons why customers love and trust this company so much.

The rest of the top five most trusted tech companies are all based in New York. They include two software companies, Waredot and Houzeo, an electronics store called B&H Photo-Video, and a second-hand gaming service provider, Wowvendor. In each case, more than 9 out of 10 of their customers shared their love by posting a 5-star Trustpilot review.

The US clothing and accessories stores with 5-star Trustpilot reviews

The most trusted clothing and accessory store in the USA is DavidSW, a luxury watch retailer that helps customers in Florida find the perfect timepiece.

It's built up a loyal customer following, as well as an excellent Trustpilot rating, by providing high-value watches at reasonable prices and always with outstanding and highly personalised customer service. Essentially, this company makes the special experience of buying your first premium watch feel as special as it should.

Speaking of personalised services, let's give a shoutout to Rhode Island's most trusted business, which is the custom shirt store SquadLocker. It helps customers design and decorate their sports team uniforms and gear. SquadLocker's super fast service can kit out an entire team in less than 5 days with high-quality, performance sportswear from Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and many more of the best athletic clothing brands.

The most trusted media companies in the US

Americans might have some trust issues when it comes to the mainstream media. However, they still have plenty of trust in smaller media firms like Artmill, a photo printing service company in the state of Illinois. As the USA's most trusted media firm according to the number of Trustpilot reviews, over 97% of Artmill's customers think the company is doing a 5-star job.

Several bookstores made it into this part of the study. The highest scorer was MyComicShop. Based in Arlington, Texas, it boasts one of the world's biggest and best selections of comic books. And over 9 out of 10 customers who walk through the doors agree. MyComicShop scored a super 92%.

The companies restoring trust in (parts) of the US finance industry

Finance is another industry with trust issues.

At some point in recent history, almost every single one of the biggest names in US banking and finance has been caught up in a major scandal, many of which were downright illegal.

So it's nice to see that plenty of US finance companies are doing things the right way.

They include Texas-based insurance agents PolicyPro. The company promises to find its customers the best coverage at the lowest prices. And it's certainly living up to that promise. It's the only company in the entire Ondeck study with a 5-star Trustpilot score of over 99%. Seriously impressive stuff.

Trust isn't the first word that comes to mind when we think about real estate agents. But it does if you're a Clever Real Estate customer. This Missouri-based real estate agent is rewriting all the industry stereotypes with its Trustpilot reviews; 95% of them are 5-star.

Most trusted health and well-being companies in the USA

The health and well-being industry is full of companies and brands making bold promises and predictions.

But which ones are actually living up to the hype of making us look younger and feel better?

Soap Korner is on that list. The Colorado Herbal store has the highest Trustpilot rating among health and beauty brands in the US (97%).

Other of the highest scorers in this final part of the study include Better Way Health. Over 95% of its very happy customers say the company's vitamins and supplements do exactly what they state on the bottle.

Take a look at the infographics below for more insights:

Trustpilot Reveals Most Trusted US Companies: Nevada Corporate Headquarters and Cordoba Legal Group lead with impressive 97% 5-star ratings.

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