Survey Shows Americans Consider Their Cars as Their Family Members and Most of them Want to Buy Electric Cars

A survey conducted by OnePoll on the behalf of Meineke shows that about half of the Americans think of their cars as part of their family. The survey was done among 2,000 Americans and it was revealed that 51% of Americans said that their car is part of their family while 53% said they would keep their car forever with them if they get the chance. For 22% of the Americans in the survey, they have an emotional attachment with their car while 24% said that they have very fond memories in their car.

Six out of ten respondents also had a practical approach and said that their car is reliable(58%) and 45% said that they want to keep their car forever because of the gas mileage their car has given them. 80% of the Americans said that they would like to keep their car as long as it is saving them money. Some of the respondents(46%) said that they will probably use their current car as they cannot afford a new one. Even with the attachment with the current car, 34% of the surveyed car owners said that they will most likely purchase the same model of their car if given the chance. Only 47% of them said that they will probably look for new and latest models, with the majority saying that they will buy an electric car.

45% of Americans said that electric cars are the future and younger people completely agreed with them. 41% are relieved that they have an option of buying an electric car in the future. 59% of the GenZ and 56% of the millennials agreed to it as compared to GenX(37%) and baby boomers(27%). VP of Marketing Meineke Car Care Centers, Christopher Streahle, said that people are adopting electric cars quickly, with the younger generation more hyped up for it than others. As electric cars are good for the environment too, many car owners are considering buying them.

The survey then asked the respondents the reasons why they would buy an electric car. 35% said that they will buy it as they will then no longer have to pay for gas, 33% said that electric cars are good for the environment and 29% said that they create less pollution. 25% would buy electric cars because of tax credits and 17% said that they would buy them because they have quick and smooth acceleration. But Americans still have doubts about electric cars as 66% say that electric cars have very high costs and 41% think that electric cars will increase their visits to the mechanic.

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