Reddit Rolls Out New Advertising Format That’s Similar To Posts Generated By Users On App

Social media giant Reddit has just launched a new format for ads. This is quite similar to how posts appear on the app that users create.

The news was rolled out on Thursday at a time when the company mentioned it’s gearing up for this new initial offering to the general public.

The latest format dubbed free-form advertising was created to make it appear quite like content that users are sharing to assist advertisers in attaining the greatest form of engagement online.

The latest format might be captivating to advertisers but there’s a major issue here. These ads appear quite like regular posts which might not be welcomed by all users across the board.

Moreover, advertisers are said to make use of this format to put together several kinds of media types such as pictures, videos, as well as text messages through templates that are ready-made in design.

The app said that this advertising format continues to receive inspiration from one of the app’s famous types of posts which is known as the megathread. You can better envision this as a one-stop destination where users can discuss a wide array of topics regarding similar themes.

Quite like megathreads, you can see how many free-form types of ads are designed to assist readers in attaining the data they need at a quick pace. Moreover, the firm added how the latest design of advertising formats serves as the ideal means to do great things such as roll out products or give rise to bigger brands so that new audience members could benefit the most.

Quite like how other kinds of ads are run on Reddit, users could differentiate between ads that are free-form and those that are regular in design via the Promoted label that’s present near the company’s title.

During the initial testing phase of such formats, the company found such free-form advertisements doing better than other variants in the CTR domain with a 28% rise in engagement when you enable comments online.

Such types of ads provide the greatest level of flexibility to create advertisements of any kind of length. They make use of several types of media which make it appealing and very native to the app online.

This also similarly encourages the mixing of content and context as well as creativity coming from different brands. It would also enable maximal performances and great awareness for brands who can benefit from these likes.

You can find this latest advertising format up for grabs for all Reddit advertisers through the app’s Ads Manager feature.

It’s interesting how today’s feature rollout arrives just several days after we saw the platform give rise to new suites of offerings such as Reddit Pro. The goal is to assist different companies in growing a bigger and better presence organically through the Reddit app.

So far, Reddit is on the move to include several brands in the app as well as convert those into subscribers that pay in the end. Such launches are giving rise to the first time that this app can offer tools free of cost so that businesses can make the most of their current business and social strategies in place.

The fact that Reddit is rolling this new feature out to help businesses on the app grow really says a lot and that’s why it’s being welcomed with open arms. What do you think about the latest rollout? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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