News Corp CEO Challenges Meta's Statement on News Content

Last week, Meta announced that news makes up only 3% of what people see on Facebook. This statement came when Facebook said it would stop its news tab in Australia and the U.S. However, News Corp's Chief Executive, Robert Thomson, disagrees with Meta's claim.

Thomson shared his thoughts during a conference in San Francisco. He found Meta's decision to shut down the news tab in Australia disappointing. Thomson questioned the accuracy of Meta's 3% figure, suggesting it doesn't match reality. He believes news plays a much larger role on Facebook than Meta admits. According to him, news and discussions about news are a significant part of what users engage with on Facebook.

Thomson criticized Meta for not recognizing the importance of news and its duty to the Australian community. Meta, a company that often speaks about community, seems to overlook the impact of its decision beyond Australia, according to Thomson.

The future of this situation remains uncertain. Both the government and News Corp have their own perspectives, and the outcome over the next few weeks is yet to be seen. Thomson hinted that the discussion isn't over yet.

Meta's announcement clarified that despite the news tab's closure, users in Australia and the U.S. can still find news in their Facebook feed. Publishers will keep access to their Facebook accounts and pages to share news articles and content. However, Meta also stated it wouldn't renew its agreements with publishers in Australia, France, and Germany once they expire. This decision marks a significant shift in how Meta handles news content on its platform.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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