AI Startup Antrhopic Rolls Out New Range Of LLMs With Features Better Than GPT-4 And Gemini

While the launch of a new AI startup is no surprise in today’s time, you might want to shift your focus to Anthropic in this regard after its recent launch of new large language models.

The company is said to be headed by a leading number of members from OpenAI’s team and that in itself is massive news. But wait, we’ve got more details on this front including how the latest launch features products that have managed to strike some breakthrough details in a wide array of AI benchmark tests.

In the company’s latest press release, they spoke about how Anthropic’s highest product in the LLM category has beaten out OpenAI and variants from Google in a long list of queries that were thrown in its direction.

This includes common sense, school math, and knowledge needed at the undergraduate level, and beyond. Additionally, it’s gotten the chance to enhance chatbot replies and even included some multimodal additions to the models of Claude 3.
This way, users are expected to upload pictures, charts, documents, and so much more to the models, alongside handling replies to queries regarding content that’s on the same level as other competitive models in this category.

The latest model on this front is called Claude 3 Opus and as per reports from the company, it has another variant dubbed Claude 3 Sonnet that gives the most solid performance at cheaper costs. Did we mention how it’s used for matters like enterprise operations?

The little model on this front is called Claude 3 Haiku which can summarize nearly 150k words from just 75k that used to be seen in the older version. The latter was rolled out in the summer of last year.

As per Anthropic, the Sonnet as well as the Claude 3 Opus models are up for grabs at this moment in time. They can be found in 159 different countries and Haiku is going to be arising shortly too.

Users are now being given the chance to experiment with the Sonnet models via the website. In the same way, the Opus chatbot is up for grabs through a new paid subscription for Claude Pro where those interested will pay a $20 monthly fee.

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