More Jobs In Danger After UK’s Government Actively Promotes AI For Civil Service Work

One of the greatest fears revolving around the world of AI has been unemployment as the revolutionary technology tends to grow in popularity.

Now, the latest on this front has to do with the Government of the UK which is all set to actively market greater AI for tasks generally carried out by civil servants.

This means saying hello and rolling out responses to questions made by parliamentarians as reported by The Financial Times today.

The country’s Prime Minister is gearing up to unveil another AI tool dubbed Red Box that can absorb and put together data arising from a series of trustworthy places such as parliamentary records.

This is a separate instrument that’s getting experimented with and it should come into play in a manner much like separate replies to general consultations made by the public.

The tool can roll out summaries from a series of sources such as records and even gather from consultations done publicly. For now, that’s a lot of expectations for a simple tool like this and we’re not quite sure if it’s even going to work. After all, it takes close to three months when you have 25 civil servants working.

However such drafts would be checked twice for any human errors and would only entail sourcing.

As mentioned by The Telegraph, we know that plenty of arguments are present on this front about how AI tech can lead to a serious downfall in civil service jobs. It’s one of the only ways when you think of it, to get on the right track to reduce headcount.

Remember, we’ve seen the figures for employees working as civil service agents grow with time, thanks to the end of the Pandemic. We can embrace all of this to bring figures down. As per reports, the PM wishes to use the tech to enhance productivity at the government level but no one is speaking about the money they’re going to be saving by including AI and cutting out human intervention.

The news comes at a time when we’re all set to see the AI division of Cabinet Offices grow to nearly double what it is right now. This means saying hello to a new and bigger budget to better finance it all.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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