GoFundMe Organizers Baffled As Thousands Of Donations For Palestine Stuck With No Way Out

It’s been months since the start of the brutal Israeli military operation on the Gaza strip that has repeatedly left more than 30,000 Palestinians killed.

There are just a small figure of doctors operating in the region and tech blackouts have made it so much more difficult to provide aid and save the lives of those suffering as a result of the ordeal.

Each day, more than 10 kids are stripped of their legs thanks to the never-ending and inhumane military action from Israel’s end. And so far, we’re not seeing a solution arising on this front.

Some blackouts lasted for weeks and it’s deemed to be one of the longest of all times. So while leaders are unable to find a solution to the growing intensity of the problem, GoFundMe organizers have tried to do their part by rolling out donation initiatives so that they could be reached the right people.

This means providing eSims so that communication is possible and also so the respective blackouts don’t leave life at a standstill. Did we mention how even journalists are having trouble reporting the reality of the situation as the world is still kept in the dark about how grave the whole situation has turned out to be?

Many wish to help but they’ve now entered into a huge limbo. The GoFundMe campaigns are being stuck for no reason, and therefore aid to the right people is yet to be received, as reported by TheVerge.

Organizers are speaking about how they’ve been setting out such drives for years in various parts of the globe but when it comes to helping Palestine, they’re left scratching their heads as they’re just not able to do so.

When requests are made to provide eSims with fund donations, they’re forced to enter into a sticky mess of documents and are told to prove their identities. They are finding it so hard to link loved ones with one another.

The respective campaigns continue to be put under review and people cannot withdraw money that continues to be arriving in the hundreds of thousands.

The matter has raised a lot of concern in terms of how unfair all of this is and how a maze of back-and-forth chats has left people wondering what really is going on and why aid cannot be given when they choose to do it the right way.
Today. GoFundMe campaigns are said to have a total combination of $30 billion that ranges from wildfires to the likes of emergency bills for hospitals. It’s a great source of mutual aid as well as charity gains so people can benefit.

Today, organizers are complaining of heavy moderation that continues to slow their efforts. Moreover, inconsistent policies continue to leave organizers so confused on this front too. They complain of never going through such matters in the past so the fact that they’re being burdened for no reason has them shocked and furious.

GoFundMe initiatives aim to aid Gaza with eSims for communication amid blackout crisis. Organizers face hurdles in dispersing funds.
Image: DIW-Aigen

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