Microsoft to Remove OneDrive URL Upload Feature

Microsoft is planning to remove a feature from the consumer version of OneDrive soon. This feature allowed users to upload files to their cloud storage directly using a web URL. Introduced in 2021 as a preview feature, it was designed to help people upload files from the internet to their OneDrive without having to download them to their device first.

Users could just provide a link to the file they wanted to upload, and OneDrive would download it directly from the link to the user's cloud storage. Despite its usefulness, Microsoft found that not many people were using this feature. They also discovered that keeping this feature running costs a lot of money. Microsoft thinks that this feature doesn't fit with their goals for OneDrive. They want OneDrive to be a service that syncs files across devices smoothly.

This URL upload feature will be discontinued on March 29, 2024. For those who have used this feature to upload files using a URL, the good news is that those files will stay in their OneDrive accounts.

In other news, Microsoft updated the look of OneDrive for personal users in January. The new design aims to make things less cluttered. It includes new filters to help find files faster by type and an "add new" button. This button lets users create new documents like Word files right in OneDrive without opening another app.

OneDrive users won't be able to upload files via URL starting March 29, 2024, as Microsoft discontinues the feature.
Image: DIW-AIgen

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