Google's Big Update in March 2024 Targets Low-Quality Content

Google has just rolled out a big update to its search engine aimed at getting rid of spammy and low-quality content. This update, called the March 2024 Core Update, is bigger than Google's usual updates. It changes the algorithms to make search results better and cut down on spam.

The main goal of this update is to improve how Google ranks websites. Google wants to make sure that when you search for something, you get helpful and original information. They've been trying to reduce unhelpful and copied content since 2022. With this new update, Google hopes to reduce such content by 40%.

Google's also changing its rules on spam to get rid of the worst-quality content. They're targeting tricks that some websites use to appear higher in search results than they should. This includes websites that generate lots of low-quality or copied content just to trick Google's search rankings.

One big problem Google is tackling is when websites use automation to create lots of low-quality content. The updated rules will help Google take action against this kind of content, even if it's made by people, machines, or both. This should help reduce pages that look like they have the answers to popular searches but don't actually provide useful information.

Another issue is when high-quality websites host low-quality content from other people. Sometimes, these low-quality posts try to use the good reputation of the hosting site to rank higher in search results. Google will now see this as spam if the content is mainly for improving search rankings and the website owner isn't closely watching it.
Google's also looking at expired domain abuse. This happens when someone buys an old domain and fills it with low-quality content to take advantage of the domain's past reputation. This can confuse users who might think the new content is from the original, trusted site.

The March 2024 Core Update is already rolling out. Websites have two months to adjust to the new rules about site reputation. Other changes are effective this week. Google is committed to making its search results better and more helpful for everyone.

Image: DIW-AIgen

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