Latest Google Spam Explainer Update Targets Link Signals: What You Need to Know

Google has updated its Spam Explainer and a new update has been introduced known as Core Algorithm introduced in March 2024. In this update, many changes regarding Google’s algorithm and other things are made that will surely facilitate users. Google has added four points in its explainer that are related to link signals. Let’s see what type of updates are added in Google’s Spam Explainer.

1- Google Has Reduced the Impact of Links for Rankings

Last year, Google’s Gary Illyes said that links are not even in the top 3 factors that play an important part in rankings. The document for Spam Explainer now shows that Google considers links as a factor to decide the rankings of a web page. But previously, the statement was like this: Google considers links as an ‘important factor’ to decide the rankings of a web page.

2- Content Creation for Manipulative Links

In the document for Spam Explainer, Google has added a statement that is related to additional links. It is about the content creation that happens in order to create manipulative links. Google says that a new link that has low-value content and is manipulating rankings will be considered a manipulative link.

3- Monitoring Outgoing Links

Google didn’t explicitly talk about penalizing outgoing links in the past even if it used to do so, but now Google has added a guideline that is about penalization of outgoing links. Google says that any type of link that is made to manipulate site rankings or algorithms will be considered a link spam and immediate action will be taken.

4- Google Cracking Down on Expired Domains

From the new update, it might seem that Google is cracking down on expired domains but this isn’t the entire truth because Google is actually creating a new signal about how domains are used and it will try to locate how a domain was used in the past and what the new purpose of the domain is now. The new signal will look for domains that have affiliate content but were used by government agencies in the past, domains with commercial selling of medicine which were previously used by non-profit medical agencies and casino content on site that was an elementary school site. These are just some examples because the list of domain inspections is long.
Image: DIW-AIgen

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