Google's Popularity Among SEO Experts Declines

Google is facing a tough time as the search giant is dealing with a lot of problems. People are not happy with how Google's search works, as time after time many technical issues and errors keep on popping. On the legal side, the Department of Justice has brought some serious issues to light. There's also confusion about the data Google shares with advertisers. Problems with Google's Gemini project is also causing frustration.

A recent poll shows that most SEO experts are not as fond of Google as they once were. Barry Schwartz conducted a survey on social media. He found that nearly 67.9% of SEO experts like Google less than before. While 25.6% feel the same about Google as they always did. Only 6.5% like Google more now. The survey had 1,769 responses. This is a significant number of people.

The way people see Google has never been worse. In over 20 years of watching the company, the amount of complaints and negative comments about Google is surprising. There are many reasons for this dissatisfaction. Google's search quality is a big problem. Despite promises to improve, many businesses have suffered. This isn't the first time, as updates like Florida in 2003, Panda in 2011, Penguin, and the Medic update have all caused issues before. There's also been a lot of negative media coverage because of the Department of Justice's findings.

Many people feel that Google has lost the charm it once had. The company is likely trying to find ways (particularly AI-based) to get better. But some wonder if it's too late for Google to win back the hearts of its users.

Critics highlight Google's declining appeal, questioning if AI initiatives can salvage its tarnished reputation.

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