Google Restricts Its Gemini Chatbot From Responding To All Election Queries

Search engine giant Google has just confirmed how its Gemini chabot is getting a new set of protocols to follow as the US election period nears.

The company rolled out a new announcement that spoke about barring election-themed queries as a sense of caution. Moreover, the change has already been said to come into play in places like India and China and that is where voters would head toward polls in Spring.

The company says all safeguards in this regard happen to be in place when it comes to sensitive matters like these. Moreover, such restrictions mean Gemini cannot generate a reply when these types of queries are rolled out.

The news came in the form of a blog post where it added how it takes massive responsibility to give rise to a vast amount of high-quality data for such queries. Moreover, the firm works to better enhance protections in place as reiterated in their new statement.

One rep for the company mentioned to the media outlet CNBC how the changes were aligned with the firm’s plan as the election period draws near.

They have been making preps for this since last year in December and it’s not just the US but other locations around the globe that happen to be a part of this.

The news comes after the Android maker made the decision to remove all AI picture tools in February after a long list of controversial behavior. The firm rolled out the picture generator at the start of February via Gemini as it hoped to rebrand.

For now, they took Gemini offline to fix the error as confirmed by the head of Google’s AI division. They hoped to have it back into play in the next few weeks as they were not satisfied with how the product was working.

The news arose as a long list of tech apps prepared for the biggest period of elections around the globe that would affect close to four billion individuals in nearly 40 different nations.

Seeing the uprising of AI-themed content online meant a surge in chances for misinformation to spread. Remember, each year, the figure for deepfakes is on the rise as proven by various studies online.

Misinformation linked to the election period has been a serious concern as it dates back to the 2016 election campaign in the US. Threat actors arising from nations like Russia made use of cheap and harmful means to spread fake data across social media. This is why now, American lawmakers are even more worried as the rapid spread of AI is going to make that even more possible than before.

Also, the fact that we don’t have the right kind of technology to differentiate fake from real including the right watermarks is another special area of concern.

In the past few months, we saw Google underline its goals of investing heavily in the likes of AI agents, tools, and assistants. This often gives rise to tools that range from coding assistants to other chatbots.

We’ve already seen the CEO of Alphabet delineate how AI tools are a massive priority for the firm, adding how it would make up a significant part of their respective earnings call too.

Just last month, rebranding the company’s AI Gemini chatbot was said to be a major part of their development to give rise to new AI assistants. So we can see how much of a big deal Gemini is for the firm in general.

Image: DIW-AIgen

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