Apple Announces One Of Its Most Pivotal DMA-Inspired Moves With iOS App Distribution

iPhone maker Apple has just made a series of changes regarding how it operates a leading number of core platforms.

The news comes as the tech giant paves the way to better compliance alongside the EU’s DMA rollout.

The company has been in the limelight as the world braces for serious changes, and some have been deemed controversial, to say the least.

This list of new policies that were generated by Apple included a new change that is now coming into play right now. It has to do with the distribution of iOS apps.

This means the iPhone maker will enable app developers to roll out a series of iOS applications to users with iPads and iPhones via a developer’s website. Additionally, developers will be given the chance to link to other external pages across such apps without the need to follow the firm’s guidelines or provide templates regarding these kinds of discounts.

We’ve got promotions and a host of other deals to consider including firms enabling other marketplaces to distribute other applications via such platforms.

The news changes are now a part of the company’s latest EU policy and they were unveiled as a new addition on Tuesday giving a sigh of relief in terms of how apps get distributed in that part of the world.

The company first rolled out a host of changes to the App Store during the year’s start in regards to the arrival of the Digital Markets Act. Moreover, this latest EU regulation came into play when big tech giants were called out for not enabling healthy competition by allowing third parties.

The iPhone maker rolled out a host of various changes that span various iOS facets but such kinds of changes were the most crucial of them all. Thanks to this new law, the iPhone maker couldn’t monopolize distribution for applications across iOS.

Apple paved the way for various App Stores dubbed alternative marketplaces so that they could now be engaged in deals for iOS apps easily and so that developers may benefit as well.

The latest array of App Store policies has been subject to massive criticism across the board by different tech giants. But now, it seems like things are changing as the new changes that take inspiration from the DMA mean enabling app developers to pay a certain tech fee for each initial yearly installation of over a million installations.

For the first time ever, developers will owe funds to the firm without garnering revenue from such platforms. And while it’s a shocking change, many love the fact that it’s a step made in the right direction but the cost is that developers need to follow stricter rules if they wish to distribute apps in this manner.

As it is, all developers would still be required to be a part of the Developer Program by Apple. In the same manner, any developers enrolled should have the ‘good standing’ condition attached to the Cupertino firm’s Developer Program for a good two or more years. Additionally, the apps in question must have initial yearly installs across iOS running in the million domains.

Remember, only those app developers located in the EU would be under the protection of the latest iOS application distribution policies. The rest still need to function as normal by visiting the company’s official App Store.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. Developers are finally getting what they asked for, even if it sounds complex to begin with.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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