Google Begins AI Overview Testing Across Its Main Search Results Page

Search engine giant Google is rolling out a new experiment that includes the launch of AI overviews across its main Search Results page.

The feature would be soon visible to those who are yet to opt into the company’s Generative Search experience. And in case you’re wondering what this is, well, it’s all about a search experience that’s linked to a query subset depending on the small fraction of traffic attained across the US.

The news was confirmed by a leading spokesperson of the company to media outlet Search Engine Land. Meanwhile, we saw last year in May how Google opened another Search Labs feature so that searchers could benefit from and opt to witness and use SGE results.

This would feature all sorts of SGE results from Google featuring AI overviews. However, some users across the US could see those AI replies without even opting for those in the first place.

Whatever searchers are presented with, Google will display AI overviews to a smaller group of American users.
For starters, Google will roll out a list of queries that it feels generative AI could be very helpful.

Such questions are very complicated in nature and could entail queries where it’s helpful to attain data from a host of web pages such as how to remove scratches from glass, for instance.

For such experiments, Google mentioned how it has very hope in regards to the quality as well as the value of the questions brought to the users’ table. To be more specific, Google says it would display AI overviews when it’s something very addictive in nature. This includes those instances where people get better replies about what they’ve witnessed on Search Today.

Now several variations would be discussed in detail and that means searchers would witness experiments that are not rolled out on a broader aspect for all during such tests.

Now the question on people’s minds is why it’s being rolled out right now? Well, the Android maker hopes to attain feedback from all kinds of searchers who didn’t opt into getting the SGE in particular. Through such means, they’ll get the right responses and even attain feedback from a certain part of the population looking for helpful technology.

In the same way, the search engine giant will keep on displaying ads around the latest AI overview theme too.

So what’s so important about this in the first place, might be a question on your mind. And the answer is simple. Such AI replies tend to push down usual search ads that are generated by organic means. It may lead to greater or lesser traffic toward a specific website. But that depends on where citations are arising from and where the company opts to place the ads strategically.

But the probability is that such experiences are bound to divert less traffic in general to those pages than what we’re accustomed to seeing normally with usual Google search results.

Image: Google

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