European Commission Accused Of Violating EU’s Data Protection Rules Through Microsoft 365

In what many are referring to as a surprising affair, the European Commission is finding it hard to swallow the accusations thrown in its respective direction

While it’s the main regulatory body in the region, it’s surprising how it was outlined as breaking the EU’s data protection regulations via the use of Microsoft 365.

Seeing it become vulnerable after the recent ruling by the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) has left some stunned.

A recently published press release had plenty of people talking when the Election Commission failed to specify which kinds of data of citizens was collected, despite it being their personal property.

It also didn’t outline which explicit rules were involved in terms of its use for Microsoft 365.

Additionally, it was further charged for not adding the right safeguards to ensure data rolled out by the software giant external of the EU would give rise to the safe degree of protection that should be seen across the EU.

We’ve seen the European Commission put out changes through Microsoft 365 for quite some time now to make sure it’s in compliance with the region’s data protection regulations toward the end of last year. But we are yet to see the European Commission or even Microsoft comment on this particular ruling.

What is even more ironic is how an investigation in this regard was rolled out by the software giant in 2023. During that period, we saw the European Commission investigating claims it made in 2020 about Microsoft going against competition regulations of the EU by linking the famous video conferencing software from Microsoft Teams to Microsoft 365.

When that investigation passed, we saw the software giant mention how it would now be rolling out Teams as separate services through Microsoft 365 in the EU as well as Switzerland, beginning at the start of October last year. But new reports that are yet to be confirmed spoke about how the EC wasn’t happy with the decision taken by the software giant.
The entire case of Microsoft 365 with Teams continues to be ongoing by the European Commission but no specific words were generated in terms of when a completion could be expected. At the same time, we’re yet to see any announcement generated in terms of the punishment put out by the EU for Microsoft.

European Commission criticized for lack of transparency regarding data collection and rules concerning Microsoft 365.
Image: DIW-Aigen

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