EU Court Orders Amazon to Create Public Ad Library, Complying with Digital Services Act for Transparency

Amazon has to open up about its advertisements in the European Union. The company lost a legal fight and now needs to create a public library showing the ads it runs in the EU. This change is because of the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA), a set of rules to make big online companies more open about their actions.

The decision came from the Court of Justice of the EU. they said Amazon couldn’t delay making its ad operations more transparent. This is a big deal because it gives people a clearer look at how Amazon uses ads and helps businesses understand how to make thor own ads work better on Amazon.

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) is a law from 2022. Its meant to make sure that big online platforms or ‘gatekeepers’, are fair on the internet. Six big companies are named under this law, including Google, Apple, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft and ByteDance. These companies. All from outside the EU, had to follow the DMA’s rules and report progress by March 7.

If companies don't follow the DMA, they could face big fines or even have to change how they do business. Amazon didn't want to follow one rule about showing how it uses ads. The EU court first said Amazon could wait to do this, but now they've changed their mind. The court said waiting would delay the good things the DSA wants to achieve and could let problems online get worse.

Amazon isn't happy with this. They say they shouldn't be treated as a "Very Large Online Platform" under the DSA. They argue that keeping customers safe is very important to them and they are talking with the European Commission about their role under the DSA.

This move to make Amazon's ads public is a big step toward making online spaces safer and more open, according to the EU's plan.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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