Data Shows Telegram Revenue Keeps on Increasing after the app Introduced In-app Purchases

Ever since Telegram has started monetizing their users in 2022, its revenue has been keeping on increasing. February 2024 is the biggest month for Telegram’s revenue till date.

The company has just raised $300 million after their revenue kept on steadily increasing last year. This raise of money will help Telegram make more profits.

In February, Telegram gained $5.2 in net revenue from Apple’s App Store and Google's Play Store. This is a 13% increase in revenue from January while January had more revenue than December. It just means that Telegram is generating more revenue with each passing month after monetizing the app.

Telegram’s revenue growth is being defined as slow and steady and this means that it can grow a lot more if it keeps on increasing with the same rate. Russia is the biggest contributor of its revenue, followed by Ukraine.

Telegram has earned a total net revenue of $52 million and most of it came from these countries. Downloads of Telegram aren't different from what they were before the monetization. Right now, the number of Telegram downloads on App Store and Play Store are still the same.

There were 26 million total downloads in February and since June 2022, 506 million downloads have been recorded. In June 2022, in-app purchases on Telegram were introduced and according to the data, it didn’t affect the number of downloads of the app.

Most of the app downloads are from India. India makes up about 94 million of the total downloads of Telegram apps since June 2022. This means that Telegram is growing a lot in revenue as well as downloads.

Now we will have to see what the year 2024 will bring for Telegram. The data shows that Telegram is going to grow more in the months to come.

Chart: AppFigures.

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