ChatGPT Will Now Cite Its Answer Sources For Enhanced Credibility

If you’re an avid fan of generative AI and its respective tools, we’re sure you’ve used the popular ChatGPT by now.

Through a single prompt, users’ lives have transformed thanks to OpenAI’s much-needed feature. But at the same time, it wouldn’t be wrong to mention how the tool doesn’t come without any flaws.

Transparency in the form of where answers were retrieved has always been called a major missing feature with the hopes that someone would answer users' prayers and give them citations. After all, we all want to know where the information was taken from and how credible it is, right?

Well, you no longer have to worry on that front again as the tool will finally cite its answer sources from now onwards, providing critics with the long-lost sense of credibility that was missing for ages.

But for now, the innovative and exciting rollout is just for those with the paid version of the tool but who knows, others could soon benefit from it too.

This gives the paid subscription version, very similar to Microsoft’s Copilot, an upper hand to users who pay a little extra and therefore will be rewarded accordingly with citations. As it is, for months now, AI chatbots have been dominating without credibility.

Software giant Microsoft was the first to roll out the idea of adding citations to information on its Copilot after providing information. This made data more credible and was deemed less to be a hallucination for obvious reasons.

But wait, ChatGPT’s credibility might be coming back with a catch. We saw how OpenAI was making this announcement across the real X feed. In such a post, the king of AI tools proved how the latest citation rollout would work when putting out a reply to the user.

It entails example animations displaying chatbots including websites towards the end of claims that can be clicked to read more regarding certain topics. But if you do wish to make use of this, users would be forced to pay more.

The latest feature is certainly welcoming and we won’t lie when we add that this might be a little shameful in terms of how it’s restricted to only those who make use of ChatGPT Plus or its Team, and Enterprise feature, as compared to being just the regular variant.

The right AI will inform users about where it is getting data from as it’s very pivotal to have it as a regular feature and not something exclusive that arises with paywalls in place.

This might certainly provide an upper hand to Microsoft which reigns supreme in citations through its Copilot initiative. Whatever the case may be, we must applaud the fact that ChatGPT is rolling out some of the greatest features of Copilot, even if it comes at an added cost.

Remember, the main thing to remember is that users’ prayers are finally getting answered, and who knows, it might be free for all soon, at least we hope!

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