ChatGPT Sees Surge in Global Traffic, Especially in US, with 62% Rise in February

In the world of AI chat websites and apps, things are getting interesting. ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, recently hit a big number of visitors in the US. Google's Gemini, which used to be called Bard, is also attracting more visitors. These platforms, along with others like Custom GPTs by OpenAI, are becoming more popular.

Even though checking how many people visit these websites is helpful, some companies, like OpenAI and Anthropic (the creators of Claude chatbot), might be more focused on selling their technology to other businesses than just attracting regular users.

SimilarWeb has shared data that highlights which AI platforms get the most visitors worldwide.

Perplexity, known for its search engine with AI features, has made news for its funding, boosting its value to $1 billion. Yet, it's still not as popular compared to others.

ChatGPT's website visits have been going up and down. In February, its global traffic increased by 62% compared to last year, but only by 1% from the month before. In the US, however, ChatGPT's visits reached a new high.

OpenAI is trying to make ChatGPT even more interesting by adding Custom GPTs, special versions of GPT that can do different things, like create images or work with other apps. These Custom GPTs have brought in over 10 million visits in the US alone.

Google changed Bard to Gemini, introducing newer and better AI technology under this new name. Even though there was a bit of a hiccup with an image-generating feature, Gemini has seen a lot of interest.

Microsoft is also making moves with its AI chat features in Bing and a new website called CoPilot. CoPilot is part of Microsoft's bigger plan to add AI features to its Office suite and other tools.

Other AI chat apps like Character AI, CoPilot, and Perplexity are also in the race, each finding its place in the growing AI chat app market. February saw ChatGPT's app usage grow by 5% from January, while Microsoft's Bing app saw a significant increase in active users. The CoPilot app is just starting out but is already gaining users.

Take a look at the charts below for more insights:
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