Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Alleged iCloud Pricing Manipulation, Restricting Competition

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, a proposed class action lawsuit has been filed alleging that Apple has significantly raised iCloud pricing to the point where the platform is generating exceptionally high profits.

The plaintiff accuses Apple of intentionally manipulating the market in its favor by exclusively permitting iCloud to administer device backups and other storage requirements. Device holders receive 5 Gigabytes (GB) of iCloud storage at no cost. However, as indicated by iCloud revenue, most subscribers find this amount inadequate for storage purposes and purchase extra capacity through a supplementary plan.

Notably, the complimentary allocation has remained static at 5GB since the 2011 introduction by late CEO Steve Jobs.

Central to the suit is that iPhone proprietors are restricted to utilizing iCloud for comprehensive device backups. The universally known service only allots 5GB gratis.

Apple imposes usage of iCloud for certain file categories, predominantly device settings in addition to apps data. For other file types such as photos and videos, device holders can opt for alternative cloud platforms including Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive among others.

Per the plaintiff, this tactic obstructs rival services from furnishing an all-inclusive cloud solution capable of viably contending against iCloud. Consequently, Apple can consciously confine free storage to 5GB, recognizing most subscribers will require greater capacity, thereby necessitating a paid subscription.

Technically speaking, Apple enforces a requirements tie-in. Device holders desiring cloud storage for certain files are compelled to utilize iCloud. And for anyone needing beyond 5GB, the majority, must remit payment.

Allegedly no technological or security justification exists for mandating iCloud usage for these file types. Apple supposedly implements this policy exclusively to constrain competition and prioritize its platform over other cloud providers.

The lawsuit was filed by law practice Hagens Berman, having handled similar previous class action proceedings against Apple including a $560 million settlement regarding ebook price fixing allegations.

A critic highlighted that device holders can employ alternative platforms like Google Drive while concurring many Apple users prioritize security and privacy furnished by iCloud. Ultimately individuals can weigh available options if desiring expanded storage.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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