Amazon Sets Foot In Ambitious Plans To Expand Its Data Capacity With $150B Investments

Tech giant Amazon has just announced a series of ambitious plans entailing $150 billion in investments that would span across the next 15 years.

The company is all gearing up to tackle the massive AI boom that’s set to grow with time. This will entail developing data centers that move the company in a manner whereby it can tolerate the giant explosion with AI apps as well as a host of other leading digital services.

The massive spending spree as mentioned by the company is designed to help create more data centers that will position the organization with the ability to take on the growing interest of AI and a host of other leading digital services.

This particular spending spree as reported by media outlet Bloomberg will even give Amazon the ability to maintain the leading spot in today’s cloud services market and that is where it would entail twice the share of Microsoft which currently holds the second leading position in the industry.

The hope of expanding the entire spending spree is also to give Amazon the boot it requires in its 1.4 million businesses that attract all global users.

The plan to expand this capacity is quite large as mentioned in a recently published internal report.

This just gives them the chance to come one step closer to clients who have invested so much, Bloomberg adds.

As it is, this is not the first time that we’ve seen the company splurge big time. In the past, it’s gone up to $148 billion for operations in places that are new for Amazon too like Saudi Arabia and Malaysia amongst others.

It’s also similarly going to make use of a massive figure of funds for expansion of existing servers located near the Washington metro region as well as rural parts of Oregon. The latter keeps on providing hydroelectric power sources which are cheaper in costs, it adds.

Today, both of these states are getting close to $4 for each $5 spent on American infrastructure.

We even saw Jeff Bezos’ firm purchase a designated location in the northern side of Pennsylvania in terms of how it’s a carbon-free energy endeavor to assist the company in meeting its respective demands as per CoStar.

Other news on this front has to do with Amazon spending close to $10 billion to get two data campuses which is deemed to be the largest in the state of Mississippi’s history.

There are more discussions about the company wowing in locations like Texas where it hopes to design more campuses as a part of its spending plans taken on during the pandemic.

Still, the firm’s funds spent on data centers continue to dominate and it’s entrenched to have massive partnerships with other leading names from all over the globe including OpenAI and Google.

Last year, software giant Microsoft boasted about its massive spending on data centers by a staggering 50% as spending across data centers continues to shrink.

A lot of the hype linked to data centers and their related costs has to do with greater demand for bigger databases as mentioned by Bloomberg.
All such hubs entail giant computing power units and chips. So to better compete against such huge names in the industry, we’re silently watching Amazon create its own array of tools with the rise in advanced tech.

Did we mention its $4 billion investment to rival Anthropic? This was done on Wednesday as Amazon vowed to entertain that collaboration so that future AI models would be better trained and the tech giant’s profile could be enhanced.

The co-founders of Anthropic are also said to be super popular in regards to these chips as they held leading positions at the VP level for other big names like the parent firm of ChatGPT, which is OpenAI.

So as you can see, it’s a lot to take in and Amazon displaying a very ambitious plan that could span over the next 15 years is proof of how keen it is in making its mark in the AI world.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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