A Survey Shows that US Adults Are Perceiving Genders Negatively Because of Social Media Content

A survey conducted by Morning Consult among 2200 US adults who use social media found out that many users have negative views about gender on social media. Almost all posts on social media are influenced by gender. Even a dinner or color can be defined as girly or boyish. There are also talks about masculinity and femininity on social media. The survey shows that GenZ has many negative views about opposite genders on social media.

30% of the GenZ adults who use social media say that they have started to feel negatively about men and 22% say that they have negative feelings towards women. The things that have influenced their feelings are mostly poor experiences with the gender on social media. In addition to that, many GenZ adults admitted that they see a lot of negative stuff on social media and often doom scroll too.

Even with all this, there is a difference between US GenZ adults and US adults about how much they hate a certain gender even though the feelings of both of them are negative. 10% of the US adults have said that social media has played a great role in shaping their perception about men and women while 15% of GenZ has said that.

The survey also talks about how for GenZ, social media is like their gendered space. Apps like TikTok and Snapchat are more popular among GenZ women while apps like X and Reddit are full of GenZ men. And in these apps, there are a lot of talks about gender and gender biases. A trend on TikTok called the Dating Diaries is getting popular among women where they talk about their bad dating experiences. On the other hand, men on Reddit are demanding rights for men. Misogyny is often a central content theme on Reddit.

62% of the US adults say that negative content on social media is the main reason why most people are perceiving genders this way, not the social media companies. Even if this can worsen the mental health conditions of GenZ, it is nothing that is a threat for which an action should be taken.

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