Zuckerberg: Meta Quest 3 Trumps Apple Vision Pro in Value and Quality

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently took to Instagram, sharing a concise video assessing the Apple Vision Pro. Zuckerberg's verdict was clear: Meta Quest 3, priced at $500, not only surpasses the $3,500 Apple Vision Pro in value but also outshines it in terms of product quality.

During a new interview on the Morning Brew Daily podcast, Zuckerberg elaborated on his motivation behind the video and offered insights into his views on "Apple fanboys."

Zuckerberg expressed his frustration with media assumptions favoring the Vision Pro over the Quest 3 solely due to its higher price tag, highlighting that cost doesn't always correlate with quality. He emphasized the meticulous comparison of use cases, asserting the Quest 3's commendable performance and expressing pride in Meta's achievements.

Drawing parallels to past tech industry confrontations, observers likened Zuckerberg's video to Steve Ballmer's critique of the iPhone, which didn't age gracefully. However, Zuckerberg remains unfazed, expressing respect for Apple while confidently presenting his perspective. He emphasized Meta's agility and commitment to advancement, suggesting a swift pace of progress.

Zuckerberg discusses his motivation and insights behind the comparison video in a Morning Brew Daily podcast.
Photo: MBDailyShow / YT

Addressing the fervent loyalty of Apple enthusiasts, Zuckerberg hinted at his preference for open ecosystems, contrasting them with Apple's closed model. He underscored the historical pattern of open systems fostering innovation and suggested a similar trajectory in the evolution of mobile technology, where despite Apple's dominance in certain markets, alternatives like Android persist.

In essence, Zuckerberg's stance reflects a nuanced perspective on competition, innovation, and the dynamics of technological ecosystems, advocating for a balanced consideration of value and functionality over brand loyalty.

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