Apple Allows Epic Games to Open Its Own App Store in the EU

In August 2020, Apple stopped Epic Games from using its developer accounts. This was because of a big disagreement over how the iOS App Store works. Now, over three years later, Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite, got its Apple developer account back. This is thanks to new rules in the EU.

Epic Games said on Friday that they can now work on making the Epic Games Store for iOS devices. They plan to open it in 2024. The store and Fortnite in Europe will be run by Epic Games Sweden AB. The team there will lead the work.

The problem started when Apple kicked out Epic Games because they didn't agree on the App Store's rules. Epic Games couldn't put Fortnite or other apps on Apple's devices after that.

But things have changed in the European Union. A new rule called the Digital Markets Act made Apple change. Now, Apple has to let other companies make their own app stores for iOS in the EU.

Epic Games and others still think Apple controls too much. Even Epic's boss, Tim Sweeney, wasn't sure if Apple would let them have their own app store in the EU. According to Apple's rules, they still have to say it's okay for these other app stores to work.

Last month, Sweeney said Apple might stop Epic Games from opening its store or block other companies from doing the same.

Apple restores Epic Games' developer account in Europe following dispute, enabling Epic Games Store on iOS devices.
Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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