WhatsApp Reinforces Security and Privacy with Locked Chats on Web and Automated Account Reports

Whatsapp is coming up with a new feature that will enable the user to lock their chats on WhatsApp web, as spotted by WBI.

Users have been demanding locked chats on WhatsApp web and now Meta's messaging platform has already started working on it. The locked chats will have a separate tab for them that will greatly protect the user’s privacy. Anything about tab placement and its design is too soon to discuss as WhatsApp hasn’t said (officially) anything about it. What some experts are anticipating is that the tab is likely to have a code that will help the user to hide their private chats.

Keep in mind that a lock for chats on WhatsApp is already available on its iOS and Android. There are a lot of advantages to locking your chats on WhatsApp in terms of privacy and security. The biggest advantage of locking the chats on WhatsApp web will be when the user will be working among other people and wants to protect their privacy. WhatsApp is working hard to add new features on the app and on Web WhatsApp so users can easily use it without worrying about their privacy and security.

This new feature shows that WhatsApp wants users to feel secure while chatting with people on their platform.

On the other hand, WhatsApp is also working on automating account reports in an upcoming update. The beta version for Android reveals a feature that will generate monthly reports for user accounts and channels automatically. This promises users a hassle-free way to stay informed about their account activities without manual intervention, enhancing convenience and efficiency. The development aims to streamline the process initiated in 2018, allowing users to effortlessly track changes in their account information over time. Further details on this feature will be shared as the update progresses.

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