Content creators on YouTube can now highlight their top clips, reaching more viewers with a new feature

Last year, Creator Insider talked about the research tab on YouTube that included content gaps on shorts. The search tab gives a summary of what the audience on the platform are searching for. The summary on the research tab can give viewers ideas about content gaps and what type of content users want on YouTube. A content gap topic appears when users cannot find exactly what they are searching for. The content creators on YouTube can take help from those content gaps to create content that doesn’t exist or could be improved. All of these updates are available on Studio Desktop (that was previously just limited to mobile) with more improvements.

Another feature Creator Insider discussed was how many users discover new clips on Reddit or Discord, but cannot find them on YouTube. Now, YouTube has launched the feature that will enable content creators to highlight their top clips on their channel so more viewers can discover and interact with them. To use this feature, the users have to enable it by going to the YouTube Studio’s customization tab.

A new analytics feature for playlists is also being introduced on YouTube. If you have a channel and want to see your playlist’s analytics, just click on the playlist and YouTube will show you grouped analytics for videos in the playlist. This feature is similar to the analytics feature on advanced mode, but it is for the playlists. Another feature that YouTube is adding for content creators is automatic early access. Till now, creators had to manually change it but now they can automatically set a date on which the Members First video has to be released to the public in later days. This means that creators can release the video just as Members first but can set a date to release it publicly later. When the video is available for members, they will receive a notification and when it’s available for the public, the general subscribers will then receive a notification as well.

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