What is Dead Internet Theory and to What Extent is It True?

Dead Internet Theory has been gaining popularity on X (formerly known as Twitter). But most people are not familiar with this term. The Dead Internet Theory states that every user on the internet has been replaced by bots and AI and no human is responsible for directing and shaping any new trends on the internet. This theory has been around since the 2010s but it started getting popular in 2021 when an article explaining this theory got published. The article was named Dead Internet Theory: Most of the Internet is Fake, published on Agora Road’s Macintosh Cafe Forum.

The man who wrote the article was from California and his post raised a sense of worry and paranoia among the readers. He explained in the post that he is disappointed in what the internet has become now. He said that he doesn’t like how the internet is completely dominated by AI now and that every activity on the internet is completely monitored and based on algorithms. He further added that the internet isn’t a place to share your thoughts now as this medium has become only a source for selling products and ideas. But the dead internet theory isn’t all about that. The theory also says that the users do not interact with humans on the internet now, rather there are bots everywhere that people interact with. These bots even post and share memes made by AI on many social media sites.

Last week, The Dead Internet Theory became a hot topic on X after a user shed some light on the presence of bots on X. He wrote that a post about a diesel engine trying to start in winter got 24000 likes and 2000 reposts when the post didn’t even have any sound. He said that X is now completely “cooked”. Many X users are continuously explaining about bot replies on their posts, even when the reply has completely no relation to the topic of the post. The presence of bots on X is unpleasant for many users. Apart from replies, many AI generated images can also be seen on X and the rest of the internet. AI generated writings and posts are also becoming a part of social media experience. The excessive use of AI generated content had been previously predicted by many experts and now we are seeing it in real time. AI content that is garbage and makes absolutely no sense has also been infiltrated to the internet.

Although this closely explains the dead internet theory, the internet still isn’t in the hands of AI and bots. There are many human individuals who use the internet and interact with each other. Many social media sites are taking measures to block bots from their sites. The viral posts that we see on the internet, the ones that are full of humor and opinions, are not AI generated as AI still hasn’t developed to understand context and feelings. Right now, the internet may seem different but the truth is that it is still very much dominated by human influencers. Bots just follow their leads and create similar content. The Internet is full of users who are interacting with each other on a daily basis and share their views, ideas and opinions about different things.

There is no doubt that the internet is getting more restricted with each passing year and it is getting full of AI and bots, but some good and funny stuff also happens on the internet that many users enjoy. The Dead Internet Theory may seem like a conspiracy theory right now, but it feels like it is going to be true in a few years or perhaps humans are going to become so dumb that they will feel like machines in their expressions and interactions.

Rise of "Dead Internet Theory" on X sparks debate about AI dominance and lack of human interaction online.
Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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