A New Research Shows How Social Media, Internet and Phubbing are Directly Connected to Mental Health Conditions

Turkey and United Kingdom researchers studied the effects of use of social media on mental health of people. The findings published in Psychological Reports revealed that internet addiction and phubbing harms the mental health of users. Phubbing is defined as using mobile phone non-stop in order to ignore people around you. Many researches have been done about effects of use of social media on mental health. While some researches say that too much use of social media can lead to depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions, other studies say that these two things have no direct relation.

This research done by Naif Ergun, Zafer Ozkan, and Mark Griffiths mentions the issues related with social media, like its addiction and phubbing. The reason of this study was to find how social media is impacting the lives of the individuals, especially in this world full of technology. For this study, a total of 603 university students from Turkey were examined. All of them had an average age of 22 years and 451 of them were females while 152 were males. These participants were asked about their usage of social media and if they do phubbing. They were also asked about their mental health conditions.

The result of this study showed that even though excessive use of social media is harmful for mental health, there are also some other factors that trigger it. It was found that internet addiction and phubbing are directly connected to excessive social media use and depression and anxiety. This means that if a person is too much addicted to social media, he will show more signs of phubbing and more internet usage.

So, this study shows how social media, internet addiction and phubbing are related to each other. It effectively explains that more internet usage leads to more social media and that in turn leads to a lot of mental health conditions. The professionals need to raise awareness to effects of too much internet usage on the behaviors of users.

Findings suggest internet addiction and phubbing contribute to depression and anxiety among heavy social media users
Image: Digital Information World - AIgen

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