Tech Giants to Fight AI Misuse in Elections

This week, six big tech companies plan to make a deal at the Munich Security Conference in Germany. They want to stop artificial intelligence, or AI, from messing with elections. More than 50 countries will have elections in 2024, and there are worries about AI tricks in voting. An example is when AI made robocalls that sounded like U.S. President Joe Biden. These calls tried to stop people from voting in New Hampshire last month.

Companies like Adobe, Google, Meta, Microsoft, OpenAI, and TikTok, along with others, are working together on this. They said they want to protect elections from fake AI activities. They will share the details of their plan on Friday at the conference.

What the agreement includes is still a secret. These companies have already been trying to make their AI tools safe. They want to make sure images and sounds made by AI are marked. This helps social media users know if what they see and hear is real.

Notably absent from the joint statement was X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. As of now, X has not commented on the initiative, leaving its stance on the issue unclear.

Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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