OpenAI CEO Discusses AI Risks and Regulation Need

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, shared his worries about artificial intelligence in a talk at the World Government Summit in Dubai. He did this talk through a video call. Altman is concerned about the subtle ways AI might cause problems in society without meaning to. He thinks these issues could lead to big troubles.

Altman suggests the world needs a group like the International Atomic Energy Agency to watch over AI. He believes AI is growing faster than people expect. He's not worried about robots causing harm in the streets. Instead, his fears are about how AI could quietly lead to negative changes in society.

Altman also said that companies making AI, including his own, shouldn't be the ones making the rules for it. He pointed out that there's a lot of talk and many ideas floating around right now. He believes it's good to have discussions, but soon, there needs to be a plan that people around the world agree on.

OpenAI, based in San Francisco, is a leading company in AI. Microsoft has invested about $1 billion in it. The Associated Press has made a deal with OpenAI to let it use its news for learning. At the same time, The New York Times has taken legal action against OpenAI and Microsoft for using its stories without permission to teach the company's chatbots.

Altman is now a well-known figure in AI. His company's work has brought up both excitement and concerns about what AI might do in the future.

The UAE, where Altman gave his talk, is known for strict control over what people can say. This kind of environment can make it hard for AI programs like ChatGPT. These programs need accurate information to learn and give answers.

Photo: OpenAI / YT

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