Stability AI Launches Stable Diffusion 3 to Lead in AI-Generated Images

Stability AI has just announced Stable Diffusion 3, its newest and most advanced AI for making images. This release seems to be a move to stay ahead of new AI technologies from OpenAI and Google. While we're still waiting for more details, it's clear that Stable Diffusion 3, or SD3, introduces a fresh setup and aims to work well on many types of computers, although you'll need a strong one.

SD3 is built on an updated method called "diffusion transformer." This idea started in 2022, got an update in 2023, and is now ready to be used more widely. It shares some concepts with Sora, OpenAI's video-making tool. SD3 also uses "flow matching," a new way to make better-quality images without making the system too heavy.

The new version comes in different sizes, from smaller setups with 800 million parts to huge ones with 8 billion parts. This range means SD3 can run on various computers. Unlike AI tools from OpenAI and Google, you don't need to use an online service to access SD3.

Emad Mostaque, who leads Stable Diffusion, said on X that SD3 can understand and create videos too, which is something other big AI companies are focusing on with their online services. These features are still in the planning stage, but it looks like there won't be technical problems adding them later.

It's hard to say which AI model is best because none are fully out yet. However, Stable Diffusion is already popular for making all kinds of images with fewer restrictions on how or what you can create. With the launch of SD3, it's likely to start a new wave of AI-made content, once they figure out how to keep it safe.

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