Calls For Stricter Regulation Against AI Impersonations At Peak As Hundreds Sign Open Letter Amid Rising Concerns

Hundreds of individuals from the AI community are now signing an open letter and calling for stricter regulation against AI-produced deepfakes or impersonation.

The news comes as more and more people are becoming aware of the dangers that AI possesses and how they could be future targets.

While we agree that such acts might not give rise to actual legislation, they certainly do act as a clear indicator of how many individuals are no longer going to stay silent on the concerning subject, not to mention controversial matters.

The letter was signed by close to 800 different individuals related to the field of AI who declared in bold terms how deepfakes were a nuisance to society and a growing threat that needed to be combatted before it was too late.

This is why more and more governments are being told to roll out greater obligations to ensure the matter is handled before things get completely out of control as the rate at which deepfakes continue to proliferate is peaking.

It’s a call for complete criminalization of all material generated through AI that’s fake including explicit content and that related to themes like child abuse and porn linked to minors. Many of those who signed the letter mentioned that whether the images used are real or fake, it’s totally unacceptable and it’s putting the whole of society at risk.

Moreover, developers are being called out to stop harmful deepfakes from using the products while penalties need to be placed to stop any such acts if the right preventive measures aren’t present.

Among those who signed the letter included some big names from the industry. There were plenty of influential names including those in the field of academics. But as one can imagine, this is not the first time that we've seen such measures take center stage.

Plenty of people have been debating this in the European Union for so many years. This is right before it was sent out through a formal proposal at the start of the month. We’ve seen a lot of executives and researchers speak out on the matter in the past, not to mention creators too.

There are plenty of reasons in terms of how those present across the AI community are slowly waving out arms and stating that it’s about time someone did something before it is too late.

Now will anyone take notice of what’s going on through such a letter or not, only time can tell. But when another similar call was made to instill a pause toward the development of AI, not a lot went down, despite signatories from leading names of the industry.

If legislators opt to take on such issues, to begin with, it won’t be arising anytime soon. After all, it’s election season and the Congress is already so divided as it is.

Nearly 800 AI professionals advocate for stronger measures to combat the rising threat of AI-generated deepfakes.
Image: DIW-AIgen

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