Quora Ranking Surges in Search Results on Google, Fuels Speculation of Another Reddit-Like Deal

Android maker Google just made headlines for signing a major deal with social media platform Reddit to attain access to content via an API. This was designed to ensure faster access to content through structural means.

The deal was mighty, costing the search engine giant $60 million per year. And now, we’ve got more news on that front including how another lucrative deal with Quora might be on the cards after this, being very similar in design.

Remember, it makes sense as to why Google might be interested, especially considering how the figures for Quora’s ranked pages were said to have taken a massive jump. The figures regarding page ranking on Google managed to double for the popular app Reddit, ever since the deal was made public. This made more sense and proved how Google obviously had some kind of secret access to the app’s firehose.

Did we mention how Quora is right now on a surge-high period? The rankings are all over the place. The figures for page rankings have hit the top 100, all thanks to Semrush data which is similarly experiencing its peak period.

In May of last year, close to six million pages were seen ranking across Google for tech giant Quora. Today, close to 10 million are getting ranked and that’s a staggering 73% rise.

This gives rise to a very pertinent question, is Quora giving Google a supply of content as well as URLs? We’re more than excited to learn more on this front and when another deal could be brokered.

A chart was shared in this regard that displays the figures for Quora’s ranking pages that can be found on Google Search and how it’s managed to attain quick results so fast.

Tech experts fear that no one might be able to show how Google and Reddit executives are meeting behind the curtains and rolling out deals like these. You do get access to the data but they still need to display how they’re attaining more growth and getting that traffic they need while going public.

Remember, this is all very fresh and it wouldn’t be wrong to mention how it’s rumored, to say the least, But Google does require a few hidden gems to glisten brighter than ever.

Speculation arises about Google's access to content and URLs from Quora, fueling anticipation for future developments.

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