New AI Assistant by Adobe Simplifies PDF Navigation, Offers Content Summarization and Citation Suggestions

Adobe has recently integrated the Firefly feature into its popular graphic apps like Photoshop and Illustrator. But the software giant is not stopping there. Now, they're extending this innovation to Acrobat and Reader, two widely-used PDF tools.

In a recent announcement, Adobe introduced a beta version of their new AI assistant, aptly named "AI Assistant," designed specifically for Acrobat and Reader users. The goal? To make navigating through complex PDFs a breeze.

This AI Assistant does a lot. It can suggest questions about the content of a PDF and provide answers, even helping you cite sources. Plus, it's great at summarizing lengthy documents.
But that's not all. It also makes it easier to navigate dense PDFs with clickable links and formats content for presentations and emails. And Adobe plans to expand its capabilities to work with other file formats like Word and PowerPoint, giving Microsoft's Copilot AI some competition.

Looking ahead, Adobe promises even more features like document drafting and image generation using Firefly AI.

Right now, the beta version is available to subscribers of Acrobat Individual, Pro, and Teams plans, as well as those in the Acrobat Pro trial. It'll soon be rolled out to Reader users. After the beta phase, Adobe plans to offer the full AI Assistant through a subscription model, though they haven't revealed pricing details yet.

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