WhatsApp is Working on Two New Features that Will Help Maintain Privacy of Users

Meta-owned WhatsApp messaging app is working on two much-needed security and privacy features for users. The first feature is adding a secret code feature to locked chats for extra privacy of web users. Right now, that feature is under development and will be soon available for WhatsApp Web. This feature will help users maintain their privacy and security when they have opened their WhatsApp on the web. As per WBI this feature is still in the development phase, and the platform might add it in the future updates of the web client.

Locked chats on WhatsApp Web soon to require secret code, providing added privacy for users' conversations.

When the user opens their locked chats on WhatsApp web, they will be asked to enter a code/pin in order to see the chats. This was always a need because adding a code to locked chats was the only way a user could keep his conversations secure. This feature is highly advantageous if the user is sharing their WhatsApp on the web in an office setting. By adding a pin, users can easily keep their private chats hidden.
The second feature WhatsApp is working on is blocking screenshots of profile pictures on WhatsApp. Five years ago, WhatsApp stopped the profile picture download option for users’ privacies. But, it wasn’t enough as anyone could take screenshots of pictures without the consent of users. In WhatsApp beta for Android update, taking screenshots of profile pictures has been restricted. Although you can still take a picture from another device, this feature was important to discourage taking unconsented screenshots of profiles. Now, when someone tries to take a screenshot of a user’s profile picture, a notification will appear saying that “Taking screenshot has been restricted”.

WhatsApp works on blocking profile picture screenshots, enhancing user privacy and discouraging unauthorized image capture.

This feature is now available for beta testers in a new update and will soon roll out to more people in the coming days. Both of these new features are a great initiative from WhatsApp to maintain their users’ privacy to give them a secure experience on the app.

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