Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, Clarifies What Use of AI for SEO on Website Means

Google Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, says that his search company will share some elucidated guidelines about use of AI for SEO and what is acceptable and what is not. In other words, Google has already warned website owners that they cannot mindlessly use AI for SEO purposes to make their website rank on Google. Google previously explained that use of automation, including AI, to manipulate ranking on Google is a clear violation of Google’s spam policies.

A user on X wrote that Google should have warned more clearly web masters about the use of AI instead of saying ‘it’s fine to use AI’. This has given many people a free pass to mass generate content on Google to make their website standout. In reply to this, Danny Sullivan said we were pretty clear in our post last year. People who have interpreted it as a free pass should really read again about what we wrote.
As Google wrote that generating AI content for the ‘primary’ purpose of manipulating the rankings, Lily Ray highlighted the word and said that no one wants to admit that their primary purpose of using AI tools is for SEO. Barry Schwartz replied that ‘primary’ is the issue here. If someone is making content for both users and search engines, they often categorize users as primary and search engines are mostly categorized as secondary.

Image: Digital Information World - AIgen

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