Why Your Website's Ranking Dropped In Search Results: Insights from Google's Danny Sullivan

Google’s search liaison, Danny Sullivan has shared some tips and tricks to prevent your website from declining in search rankings. He responded to a query about drop in ranking of Weasley Copeland’s gaming site in a post on X, and now many website owners can take help from it to make their website stand out in search rankings. In his post, Copeland said that he is unable to understand why his website status for Steam Deck has changed.

Danny Sullivan shared five points that need to be checked to see if your website is undergoing any issues. The solution he gave to this problem was analyzing a website’s metrics on Google Search Console by selecting "Search Results from Performance" and then in the date range, "Compare last six months to previous period". This way you can compare your metrics of your site over the six months. The next step is to check the Queries report to identify what changes have been going on your website. Then check if your website is still ranking in those terms. If it is ranking, then there is no problem in your content quality and SEO. You will need to check Google’s algorithm as it tends to change quickly. You will soon be able to identify what’s wrong with your website ranking.

Sullivan added that some of the reasons why your website has suddenly declined is because Google has found out some website that has more useful content than your website. This could answer why your website’s traffic has suddenly gone low. He says that understanding SEO is really important to make your website rank as well as keeping yourself up to date with Google’s website ranking criteria. This means that even some of the best websites can also get affected by Google’s algorithm tweaks. If there are no serious problems with your website, there is probably a change in how Google wants to change its content over time or maybe in some cases it's the volume of search queries that drops over time, i.e.: fewer users are searching for a particular topic, which could result in change in web traffic.

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