Google Unveils Enhanced Search Features in EEA to Comply with EU Digital Markets Act

Google has revealed upcoming enhancements to its search experience across the European Economic Area (EEA), aligning with the requirements of the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA).

A key alteration is the introduction of a carousel-style rich result for searches such as “hotels near me,” offering users an engaging way to explore relevant information. Furthermore, Google will incorporate dedicated ‘aggregator units’ into search results, spotlighting links to some of the top content curators pertinent to the query.

Through these updates, Google aims to furnish users with comprehensive and pertinent information while enhancing the visibility for everyone.

The introduction of a rich results carousel marks a significant change, especially for travel, local services, and shopping-related inquiries. This feature allows users to effortlessly navigate horizontally through tiles displaying additional details like prices, ratings, and images. However, it's contingent upon web pages utilizing structured data markup for proper display.

Additionally, Google is integrating direct links to content from aggregators in search results, accompanied by refinement chips for streamlined navigation. These aggregator units span various categories such as places, jobs, flights, and products.

In tandem with these enhancements, Google is experimenting with a new flight-related search feature that presents airline website results separately, simplifying the process of finding flight details.

Image: Google

These improvements are exclusively available in the EEA to comply with the DMA, which aims to regulate large tech companies, including Google, designated as “gatekeepers” due to their market dominance.

As part of its compliance efforts, Google invites EEA-based companies or those serving EEA users to express interest in these features.

The DMA mandates significant changes by designated gatekeepers like Google, including measures to enhance user choice, promote competition, and improve data transparency. These changes are expected to reshape the digital market landscape in the EU significantly.

With the enforcement date nearing, Google is committed to adapting its products while maintaining a positive user experience, ushering in a new era of digital market regulation in the European Union.

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