Reddit's Prominence in Google Search Results for Product Reviews Prompts Scrutiny Over Potential Spam Issues, Per Detailed Analysis

A new analysis by Detailed.COM finds that Reddit appears 97.5% times in Google search if someone asks about a product review. It frequently appears in the two third slots that Google has reversed for Discussions and Forums on its search page. The analysis for this research was done by putting 10,000 key phrases, and the results showed that Discussions and Forums appeared 77% of the time. Reddit was the highest forum to appear with 7509 results and was featured 14263 times. Quora was the second with 3513 results. It was featured 3832 times. Other domains included in Discussions and Forums appeared 4982 times combined. The total number of these domains was 766.

Even though Reddit appearing in search results doesn’t seem too bad, this clearly means that Reddit has a spamming problem and Google is pushing so hard to make Reddit appear in its search results. Many users have previously said that when they Google something, they add ‘Reddit” at the end of it as they prefer seeing Reddit answers. Many Reddit threads analyzed for this research show that they have affiliate links in their comments and it feels like it is exclusively being done with Google.

The author of this analysis, Glenn Allsopp, says that this Google search result is the worst he has ever seen on Google. As this report got published, Reddit's representative said that this report is completely flawed and misleading. He said that the examples that this report is showing don’t show the complete picture. He added that Google is sending more traffic to Reddit because it has the best and authentic product reviews. Talking about the spam, he said that many communities have an option that automatically removes spam comments from their discussions and replies and Reddit also has it. Our moderators also use those tools and insights for removing spam on Reddit. In Q3 of 2023, Reddit launched a Spam Detection Method that helped remove 2 million spam accounts from the forum.

Reddit dominates Google search results for product reviews, appearing 97.5% of the time, according to Detailed.COM analysis.
Image: Digital Information World - AIgen

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