Google Rebrands Its AI Chatbot Bard As Gemini Amid An Upgraded Paid Version Rollout

It appears as if Google is following in the footsteps of Microsoft as it has started rebranding its AI chatbot Bard.

From today onwards, Bard will be better known as Gemini, similar to how Bing Chat is dubbed Copilot to ensure the unification of all generative AI products.

It’s not just Google’s AI chatbot Bard but also its Duet AI. So that means saying hello to a wide array of services in this domain that are called Gemini.

Bard becomes Gemini, part of Google's move to unify generative AI products, with Duet AI also adopting the name.

The news is not too shocking as the alteration was speculated since the start of the month, thanks to a leak that took place and went viral. Moreover, Google also debuted the dedicated app dubbed Gemini Android with a paid version that is upgraded in function and features a wide array of capabilities.

For months, Bard has been a great way for users to directly experience the greatness linked to such wonderful models. Moreover, the company’s CEO declared through one blog post that the goal was to reflect upon advanced technology at the core level. Now, the AI chatbot will be dubbed Gemini and it’s up for grabs in more than 40 different languages online. This would be coming to new apps and is found in more than 40 different languages. Above all, both iOS and Android users would be able to take advantage of this.

Anyone downloading the Gemini Android application would replace Google Assistant as an assistant through default means on the phone. After pressing the home button, the device would fire up the chatbot instead of the usual Google Assistant.

Moreover, users would be given the chance to make switches by looking for options via the Assistant. This would enable new chats to take place with the display. Meanwhile, other than quick access to the chatbot, overlays would give rise to contextual suggestions. This includes the chance to produce descriptions for images that were taken or the ability to look for more data about certain articles on the screen.

You can similarly access frequently used features on Google Assistant through the likes of the Gemini app like making calls rolling out timers and even regulating smart home devices. Moreover, the search engine giant mentioned how it would be adding some more great Assistant features toward Gemini when witnessed in the future. This would make it appear as if the search engine giant is moving out in different phases, totally in favor of the Gemini Assistant.

Meanwhile, the platform would even entail access to the latest variant of Gemini too.

As far as iOS users are concerned, there will not be any kind of separate app up for grabs. Instead, users would be given the chance to access the app through a simple toggle tab on Gemini.

The launch starts in the US today and by the end of next week, the search engine giant will begin offering chatbot access to different localities in the language English, while Korean and Japanese will also be up for grabs.

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