Microsoft Officially Renames Its AI-Powered Bing Chat As ‘Microsoft Copilot’

There’s a major rebranding announcement regarding software giant Microsoft’s endeavors. The company confirmed how it has officially renamed its famous AI-powered Bing Chat as ‘Microsoft Copilot’.

But that’s not all. The tech giant revealed how it would now be showing support for the recent launch of GPTs by OpenAI, which are dubbed to be customized roles for the famous AI assistant of ChatGPT.

The major decision would mean that Bing Chat is getting consolidated into the firm’s confusing Copilot naming scheme for AI Assistants. The latter’s lineage started with GitHub Copilot two years back, for those who might not be aware.

But in March of 2023, the company also launched its respective Copilot called Dynamics 365, followed by Windows Copilot, and then Microsoft 365 Copilot and Microsoft Security Copilot. So when you come to think of it, the Microsoft Copilot is being called out as the 6th copilot taking center stage.

We will be seeing Microsoft take on the Branding Copilot role to ensure they’re all in line.

As far as the name change is concerned, one of the company’s top consumers took to his account on X to mention how much he adored the software giant but the whole copilot ordeal is getting super confusing, even more than it needs to be.

He added how hard it has become to keep track which is the opposite role of AI technology that is launched to make users’ lives simpler. Here, the opposite seems to be happening.
From what we’ve gathered so far, this Copilot branding scheme isn’t trying to confuse anyone but it’s designed to unite or unify. They hope to roll out the latest innovations in the form of a Copilot assistant that runs through all kinds of surfaces. So what it does is comprehend content published online.

So users get the right type of skills when they need them the most, especially in daily life or at the office. The only troublesome experts recall of this decision has to do with how one copilot does everything. Is it really enough?

Seeing how the company would unite this offering across all of its endeavors would be interesting, to say the least. But other than that, the software giant is rolling out a new website designed for the Copilot that gives rise to specialist chat interfaces. But it does require the users’ browser, either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to function appropriately.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Bing search engine would still be giving rise to a combinational search as well as chat experience, quite similar to what was offered in the past by the regular Bing Chat.

In other news, the leading name in the world of software also says it would be embracing the latest decision from ChatGPT’s parent firm, OpenAI. This is linked to the launch of GPTs that are in collaboration with the Copilot Studio with Microsoft.

To shed light on this matter further, GPTs are designed to produce a customized variant for Copilot regarding the completion of specific tasks.

This is a combination of the support that was revealed in the past regarding schema plugins by the company. So now, both GPTs as well as Plugins will give rise to a bigger chance for developers to progress while giving users a great blend of experience and interactions that are designed to meet people’s needs.

As per the company’s statement, Microsoft claims its Bing Chat that’s rebranded as Copilot will be up for grabs by the start of next month. So stay tuned as we will provide all the updates as they’re launched.

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