Giving Kids Smartphones At A Young Age Leads To Devastating Mental Distress As Adults, New Study Proves

A new study has gone on to show a very depressing relationship between giving kids smartphones at young ages and the impact it can have on mental health.

We’ve all come across a lot of research in our lives where we’ve seen the consequences of using a smartphone during your early life results in seriously poor mental health during adulthood.

Females who make use of smartphones during the start of their lives stated how they suffer from poor mental health during adulthood, the study adds, with some highlighting the significance of flip phones as well as AIM technology.

One chart picked up steam during the start of the week across social media, giving parents of younger children a pause in terms of handing over devices to them at such young ages. And if that is not a reality check for the world, then we’re not quite sure what would be.

The research from SapienLabs sheds light on how those kids using smartphones during their elementary school days were suffering from greater mental health during adulthood when compared to those who received devices as teenagers.

This survey made me so glad as a millennial. And they happen to be a part of the final generation which included those people whose childhoods had nothing or very little to do with technology.

The complete research on this front spoke about interviewing close to 27,000 individuals from all over the globe who were aged between 18 to 24.

What’s interesting is how this is not only restricted to those suffering from childhood trauma. Those who didn’t have any such issues also showed a massively mentally distressful adult life, and it was the most in females. To be more specific, a staggering 74% spoke about getting smartphones aged 6 and were said to be struggling and very distressful on this front in terms of their mental capacity.

Surveys like this are a clear eye-opener for those parents who feel the best way to keep kids busy is through such means. We don’t necessarily agree with that. It’s about time that parents found a better and healthier approach to tackling kids and their never-ending tantrums. Research like this, it just goes to show that smartphones in elementary school are a big no.

But with that said, a little common sense does go a long way. Parents need to realize that the right age for making such purchases for the kids cannot be six or 10. They need to wait for them to get older and mature because what you’re really doing is saving them from massive devastation that their future self will thank you for.

Oh and before you ask what’s the right age, well, parents in search of guidance need to remember that Steve Jobs and even Bill Gates have raised kids with minimal intervention of technology. And that’s an eye-opener, considering their pioneer names in the world of tech today.

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