From West to the Rest: UMD Study Reveals Surging Demand for AI Jobs Across US

In the areas around Washington D.C., including Virginia and Maryland, there are more job listings asking for skills in artificial intelligence (AI) compared to anywhere else in the U.S. According to a study from the University of Maryland, these region are among the best places for finding new AI jobs.

Anil Gupta was leading this research and he and his partners created a website called UMD-Linkup AI maps to find out how many jobs need AI skills all over the US. A new question has arisen from this research about how AI is going to change the traditions of work.

Anil Gupta said that his team has taken help from AI to see how AI jobs have been distributed all over the country by sector and state. Much research has been done about AI jobs but they are mostly done through keyword search basis and about 70% of their results are not accurate. UMD-Linkup AI Maps have used a large language model to detect jobs with AI skills requirements and the results are 90% accurate.

The analysis of the result is available on From West to the Rest paper and it reveals that AI jobs are in high demand despite a decline in IT jobs in the country. Over the last 5 years, AI has spread all over the world. The research shows that California has the highest number of AI job postings because of Silicon Valley. If we talk about the area that has the most AI intensity, Washington D.C. is dominated by a 1.75% ratio of AI job postings because of federal agencies, defense and aerospace contractors, and the rise of new technologies. Virginia comes second with 1.36% and Maryland is third with 0.82%. Out of all the jobs that have been posted regarding AI in the US, 12.65% are from D.C and 19.03% are from California.

The co-lead of this research, Jon Norberg, said that it is exciting to see how a new day brings new ideas to use AI to help the economy grow by integrating AI into new technologies and different jobs. The use of AI in jobs will also help employees a lot in being productive. The other team members of this research also said that they will keep on researching the use of AI in jobs in the US.

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