FCC Cracks Down on AI Voice Robocalls, Mandates Consent for Telemarketers Using AI Technology

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has decided to make robocalls using AI voices illegal. This decision came after a unanimous vote by the commissioners. The new rule labels AI robocalls as "artificial" voices under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), banning them right away.

The FCC aims to stop fraudsters who use AI voices for scams. These scams include tricking people by pretending to be family members or celebrities and spreading false information. This move gives state attorneys general more power to fight these scams and protect people from fraud and misinformation.

The TCPA, a law from 1991, already forbids using artificial or recorded voices to call homes without permission. The FCC makes rules to enforce this law. The recent ruling means telemarketers must get written permission from people before making robocalls with AI voices, similar to other robocalls.

This FCC decision comes at a critical time as AI technology grows and spreads. There was even a case where an AI version of President Joe Biden's voice was used in a robocall before a primary election. This incident is under criminal investigation.

With elections happening and the expected increase in false information, stopping AI robocalls now is seen as a smart step. State attorneys general can act against these robocallers, and the FCC can also fine them. Last year, the FCC gave out its biggest fine of $300 million to a company that made over 5 billion robocalls in three months.

Image: Digital Information World - AIgen

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