Report Shows iPhone 15 Pro Has a Higher Satisfaction Rate Than the iPhone 15 Base Variants

iPhone 15’s series has already been released and PerfectRec has shared their ratings from iPhone 15 owners. What was concluded from the ratings was that iPhone 15 users say that they prefer iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 over iPhone 15. The ratings show that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max’s customer satisfaction is declining as more users are starting to use them. But iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus have seen a rise in customer satisfaction.

The report was made after studying 700,000 user-generated Google reviews. PerfectRec measured the ratings by taking 5/5 stars on iPhone 15 reviews as a base. The Pro models of iPhone 15 saw a decline in September when users started using some other high-end models. The cheaper models of iPhone 15, iPhone 15, and iPhone 15 Plus, were successful in satisfying the users. Usually, it is seen that Pro models of iPhone show a satisfactory performance to users but this time the variant models stole the spotlight.

73.5% of iPhone 15 Pro rated it 5/5 stars in September and till now, 66.1% of users have done so. The 5/5 star rating for iPhone 15 Pro Max was 77% in September but it's now 72.5%. iPhone 15’s rating jumped from 68.2% to 78.1% and iPhone 15 Plus went from 70% to 73.5% in terms of 5/5 ratings. Many users of the iPhone 15 complained about the mobile heating up after use in the initial days after its release. But Apple fixed this issue in its IOS 17.0.3 update. This is why many early buyers of iPhone 15 showed their disappointment and 15% of negative reviews about the new model of iPhone were recorded.
PerfectRec also included some complaints about the iPhone 15 Pro in the last 30 days in its reports. These complaints included poor battery life, gradual updates from iPhone 14 Pro, and dissatisfaction with the iPhone’s Physical and camera design. In conclusion, iPhone 15 Pro models are not up for satisfying the users completely.

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