Apple Finally Breaks Negative Trend Of Consecutive Revenue Decline For Four Quarters

iPhone maker Apple seems to be on a roll after it just broke a trend regarding revenue decline that it has been experiencing consecutively.

For four quarters straight, revenue kept on falling and many felt the tech giant might be on the wrong path but the end of 2023 brought glad tidings as it was the end of doomsday and the start of a fabulous financial year in 2024.

The news comes as Apple generates a quarterly revenue report featuring $119 billion in stats which is a major achievement as it’s a 2% rise from what was seen during the same time last year.

Other than that, the company’s CEO mentioned how it was installing bases of active devices and now that surpassed a staggering 2 billion, reaching new highs across a range of offerings and different geographic elements.

The quarter witnessed funds gathered through the sales of the iPhone 15 lineup that they launched in September last year. And that clearly showed a massive impact in terms of performance.

Today, the iPhone maker is displaying a growth in revenue for the quarter in December. All credit goes to the sales of the iPhone 15, the CEO Tim Cook explained. He says the firm hit an all-time high in terms of revenue increase and growth, especially when it came down to rolling out ads. Other services like Cloud, payments, and video all experienced a new high.

All records were broken from both the App Store and Apple Care. Tim Cook mentioned some updates from the previous years including that seen on the Apple Television application as well as TV+ content earnings with awards and nominations reaching a massive high.

Cook sent out reminders during the firm’s earnings call that the launch day is near in terms of the Vision Pro headset and he says that the whole matter is historic, to say the least. iPhone maker Apple mentioned how it has rolled out plenty of funds in terms of tech investments, adding how the firm would be rolling out new AI developments during the latter part of this year.

Plenty of offerings were up for grabs in the wearables range, home range, and accessory category as well. They did not fare well during the recent quarter and to be more specific, sales for iPad dropped by more than 25% during the same time last year.

Tim Cook says it’s quite like the huge figures seen during Q1 of 2023, thanks to the latest models and revamped Apple Silicon. The fact that the firm didn’t roll out iPads in 2023 in 2023 is proof of how that’s not surprising at all.

Tim Cook similarly spoke about how the massive developments taking center stage with Apple are not going slow. The Cupertino firm just rolled out its 100th retail location across the Asia Pacific region and there were plenty of updates on how optimistic the firm has become regarding the future.

They are excited to see what’s in store for the future and also added how the iPhone maker has never shied away from the likes of huge challenges that would unravel along the way. They hope to deliver the best for fans and users around the globe, which has been Apple’s target from the start.

Cook added how breaking a record of negativity is always appreciated and they hope to carry on with the streak as Apple gears up for a fruitful 2024 that has already got tech experts and critics talking.

Photo: Digital Information World - AIGen

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