X Rolls Out New ‘Affordable’ $200 Basic Tier Subscription For Verified Organizations

X seems to be on a mission to provide small businesses with financial relief as it just rolled out a new basic tier for verified organizations.

Coming around at an estimated cost of just $200 per month, it’s a change from what many used to pay in the past. But wait, there’s more than meets the eye.

The tech giant claims it’s so much more affordable and designed to accommodate all of the needs of small-scale organizations. But this new admission just might be an indicator to the world of how very few businesses are keen on setting out a fixed amount for plans deemed to be more expensive.

We have to give him credit that the jump from $1000 per year to $200 is a major leap in the backward direction but now the question still remains as to how many are still going to be keen on accepting it.

Musk added how the 80% reduction will not give companies the same benefits as the full access one but at the same time, it would provide those who subscribe with the right number of ad credits and support on a priority basis so that growth arises at a faster pace thorough the app.

With this new basic tier, verified companies would get advantages such as gold checkmarks, access on a priority basis, and even benefits through the likes of Premium+. The latter would entail full access to the AI chatbot Grok and the chance to make the most of hiring through features similar to LinkedIn.

In the same way, firms would receive affiliation support, followed up by a 2x boost. But every affiliate account would again be charged a monthly fee. The company is also rolling out a limited-time offer of $1000 for ad credit where users can buy ads on X. Meanwhile, the same is restricted to $200 per month with basic subscriptions for verified firms.

To attain the new tier, any business can get a subscription to the verified program through their PC’s desktop or any mobile phone application. Meanwhile, gold ticks ensure business accounts are standing strong, clearly in a crowd.

These new features might give greater access to the likes of Media Studio which used to be known as the Tweet Deck. The latter assists publications in scheduling posts, managing tasks, and getting the right type of insights with content performance through the app. The same would be the case for monetization.

For regular users, the company has a total of three different kinds of tiers which include a basic, a Premium, and the most expensive which is Premium+. The latter again provides exclusive access for the Grok LLM.

Whether or not the new plan gets the response that Elon Musk has been hoping for as far as subscription plans are concerned, only time can tell. For now, we’re going to have to wait and watch.

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