X Re-Adds Headlines To Its Articles Featuring Links But It’s Not The Same As Before

It’s safe to mention that Elon Musk’s X platform loves making edits, but not all of them are appreciated.

A while back, the company chose to remove headlines from its posts featuring links. But now, the latest edit has brought them back. However, don’t get too excited because there are still a few changes, meaning it’s not the same as before.

The news was first confirmed by media outlet The Verge which saw the ordeal arise on the internet where both headlines and title pages of the websites pop up across pictures linking such pages.

Therefore, it made it so much simpler to realize what or where the user was clicking. So the change is great but only if it didn’t feature a list of quirks. For instance, headlines that are longer than others get reduced with ellipses. And in the end, it makes the text quite less.

Still, we’re not going to be ungrateful and open the change with open arms. After all, a useful change is a change that’s welcomed indeed, right?

In the past, the pictures would entail website domains that it sent links to. Moreover, X stopped displaying headlines in the previous year as Musk felt it just added that special touch to posts published on the app in terms of display.

Getting rid of the headlines did transform the posts in a manner where it seemed much smaller. But at the same time, it was so much more difficult to comprehend where linked pictures would take the user, if and when they clicked on it.

Therefore, people would need to make workarounds such as adding headlines through direct means to pictures or entailing headlines in a post’s text.

After hearing rounds of criticism across the bat, the tech billionaire mentioned two months back how he would bring back headlines on all URL cards soon. And by the looks of it, the world’s richest man has stayed true to his promise as the rollout arises as we speak.

The change is said to be deployed across iOS as that’s where the majority of edits were made. As far as Android is concerned, they continue to appear right below the picture. Therefore, it’s not clear if the change would affect it.

Photo: @DANNYonPC / X

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