Survey Shows Gen-Z Finds YouTube the Most Trusted App As Compared to Other Social Media Apps

According to a recent survey, many Gen-Z people trust YouTube more than any other social media platform. Business Insider collaborated with YouGov and held a survey with 1,800 participants. About 600 people who participated in that survey were Gen-Z, i.e., people born between 1997 and 2012. However, the survey was solely held among people who were over 18 years old. People from other generations were also part of this survey.

The survey asked Gen-Z participants the question about which social media they trust the most. YouTube was the most observed answer as 59% of the Gen-Z said that they completely or partially trust YouTube. 26% of Genz between the ages of 18 and 26 said that they trust YouTube only a bit. The second social media app on the list was Instagram. 40% of Gen-Z participants say that they trust Instagram while 45% said that they don't trust Instagram. 15% of the Gen-Z said that they are not sure whether they trust Instagram or not.

Third on the list was X (formerly known as Twitter) with a 35% trustworthiness rate. 49% of Gen-Z participants are not sure about their trust in Twitter. 15% do not trust Twitter at all. The social media platform that most Gen-Z participants didn't trust was Facebook. Only 28% said that it's trustworthy while 60% of them said that they don't trust Facebook at all. TikTok was also a close second as it came second last as the most untrustworthy app, followed by Facebook. 57% of Gen-Z users say that they do not trust TikTok, while 30% of them said that they partially trust TikTok.

There are many reasons why Gen-Z finds YouTube more trustworthy than other apps. The reason why Facebook has come up as the least trustworthy app amongst Gen-Z is because of a lot of controversies Facebook has faced in the past. Now, many Gen-Z people do not even have a Facebook account to begin with. It was also reported that many Gen-Z haven't used X(Twitter) ever since Elon Musk purchased it. TikTok is also an untrustworthy app because of its security issues. So, in conclusion, YouTube is the most trustworthy app amongst Gen-Z people these days.

Image: BI

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